The Twilio Fund Adds Seven More Companies

Twiliofund Earlier this year, we announced the first 3 companies to receive funding from the Twilio Startup Fund, a micro-fund created by Dave McClure’s 500Startups investment company. Today we’re proud to announce that seven more Twilio-powered companies have been added to the fund. Each company will receive $10,000 in funding, and one will be chosen to receive $50,000 and a spot in the accelerator program.

FastCall411 provides lead generation for local search publishers. FastCall411 integrates with Salesforce and uses Twilio’s API to do automated outbound dialing, assigning telephone numbers, tracking inbound calls, conference calls, call recording, and SMS notifications. FastCall411 is run by Richard Rosen and David Jones. Follow @FastCall411 on Twitter.

Knockknock uses Twilio to navigate phone trees for you so you never have to wait to be connected to a support professional. Simply call and record the name of the company and the department you’d like to be connected to. Knockknock will traverse the phone tree, connect to the support professional, and then call you back. Knockknock was founded by Jon Turow and Rishi Bhat.

Magnolia Prime allows a health care clinician, or other caregiver, to setup and deliver customized voice messages to senior citizens at a time defined by the clinician or caregiver. Magnolia Prime was founded by Karen Routt

Qwipd uses Twilio to send and receive saucy text messages. Qwipd was founded by Jeff Tannenbaum.

Volta allows businesses to perfect their outbound marketing call scripts by using A/B testing. Volta was founded by Patrick Stockwell.

WorkersNow helps contractors hire temporary labor and at the same time, give workers the ability to showcase their skills and guarantee payment.

For more information about the winners, head on over to the 500Startups blog.