Guest Post: Using Twilio for an Outdoor Ad Campaign

Gary Vaynerchuck, author of the new book The Thank You Economy, is currently doing a national tour to promote its launch. He wanted a way to intimately connect with his fans, and ADstruc helped him create a billboard ad campaign utilizing Twilio. ADstruc is an online marketplace for outdoor advertising that makes the process of buying and selling outdoor ads as easy as buying AdWords on… Read More

Join Twilio in Atlanta this Weekend for LessConf 2011

This Friday and Saturday we’ll be attending LessConf 2011 in Atlanta, GA. If you’re unfamiliar with the event, LessConf is a different kind of conference. There’s one speaker track, on-site (and really tasty) meals, outlets for every attendee and much more. Joining me at LessConf will be Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson who will be speaking Friday morning. Jeff’s talk is entitled “Pricing, self-service, APIs, and other… Read More

Omniauth, Messaging, and Fat Models at Red Dirt Ruby Conference

Last week I took a trip out to Oklahoma for the second annual Red Dirt Ruby Conference. It was a good chance to meet with community members from around the country. There were a bunch of new people and quite a few familiar faces. Overall, the quality and quantity of content were very high. I’ve got a few favorites to present below. Omniauth from the Ground Up… Read More

FastCustomer Uses Twilio's Voice API to Make Short Work of Waiting on Hold

Millions of people are on hold right now. Southwest Airlines alone handles 110,000 calls a day. On one side of these calls is an army of machines, and on the other side are people wasting their time waiting until an operator is ready. FastCustomer decided to do something about it. Why not have the machines talk to the machines and the humans talk to the humans?… Read More

Good Dog Design Uses Twilio to Make Sure the Cake is Not a Lie

Wendy’s, the famous Australian ice cream franchise, came to Good Dog Design with a problem: they wanted to sell cakes online, but many of their stores had no way to handle Internet orders. Good Dog Design came up with an elegant ordering system using Twilio’s Voice API that would allow stores to take orders without having to buy any new hardware. When a customer purchases a… Read More