Epicom Powers SugarCRM with Twilio Voice and SMS Features

Epicom_logo SugarCRM users now have voice and SMS capabilities built into their CRM platforms, thanks to Epicom and Twilio!

Epicom, a customer relationship management company, has designed and developed voice and SMS integrations with SugarCRM.

Users can now use Epicom’s Click-to-Dial product to click on any phone number stored in the system and be automatically connected to that number, as well as use phone number recognition for automatic access  to password-protected conference calls. Users can also send SMS notifications to contacts directly from within the platform. For example, if there is an important announcement, a company can notify all their employees or customers at once via SMS notifications.

Epicom will be demonstrating its Twilio SMS integration and Click-to-Dial product at SugarCon on April 5-6 in San Francisco. SugarCon is the customer and developer conference hosted annually by SugarCRM.

We’re very excited that Epicom used Twilio to integrate voice and SMS into SugarCRM’s open-source platform and can’t wait to see it in action!