Guest Post: Using Twilio for an Outdoor Ad Campaign

Gary Vaynerchuck, author of the new book The Thank You Economy, is currently doing a national tour to promote its launch. He wanted a way to intimately connect with his fans, and ADstruc helped him create a billboard ad campaign utilizing Twilio. ADstruc is an online marketplace for outdoor advertising that makes the process of buying and selling outdoor ads as easy as buying AdWords on Google. John Laramie, CEO of ADstruc, told us all about the campaign.

Twilio Powers Gary V Ad Campaign – by John Laramie

ADstruc recently launched an interactive campaign in New York City with New York Times bestselling author, Gary Vaynerchuk. Also known as Gary V, the American businessman used ADstruc to promote the launch of his second book, The Thank You Economy. This innovative campaign engages consumers with a unique phone number on the advertisement that enables New Yorkers to speak directly about the book with Gary V – all through Twilio.

When we were discussing the idea of outdoor advertising with Gary we all agreed that it was simply a no-brainer to enable Gary to have some sort of real time communication with his community. Using Twilio’s API, we placed a phone number on the ad that when users called it, they were forwarded directly to Gary’s cell phone. Gary understands how to connect with his community and how important this is- simply follow his twitter feed. As of today, he’s received over 250 personal phone calls in just a few short weeks.

Integrating Twilio was extremely easy and we look forward to continue to utilize their technology in our client’s outdoor ads. It enables advertisers to speak instantly with their customers. Additionally, it provides a new layer of metrics for outdoor advertisers and helps them get a better sense of their ROI for their campaign. We look forward to sharing more updates on outdoor advertising campaigns that utilize Twilio. Thanks guys!

  • sflick

    Wow his seems like a good step for Advertising. Not sure about the directs straight to your mobile but saying that its very similar to twitter and the amount of feedback you would get is massive. Great businesses are built on customer feedback. I wonder if this would work over in the UK. At London Landlord Advertising we drive a huge house on wheels to drive on and offline traffic to websites its the best form of mobile outdoor advertising that gets results every time.

  • Chris

    have you tried any other campaigns? looks like this was launched in 2011. We have a company that might work with this kind of project.