Join Twilio for API Hackday Chicago – May 28th

Back in October we hosted the first API Hack Day here at Twilio HQ in San Francisco as an event designed to bring together various API companies and the developers that love them to build cool things in just one day.  The event runs from 8am to 8pm, and through the course of the day developers team up to make stuff, learn, and ultimately show off what they’ve created.

We’re excited to announce that API Hack Day is back in action with several dates in the works, but the recent addition to the tour is a trip to Chicago to hack at the MorningStar headquarters.  Registration for the event opens today, and while the event is free space is limited so make sure to sign up.

API sponsors for the event include Morningstar, our awesome host, as well as SimpleGeo, SendGrid, Apigee, Mashery, and of course Twilio will be there to help you built apps that make phones ring.  See you there!