How to Build a Raffle App Using Twilio, WebMatrix and AppHarbor

I spent most of last week at MIX11, one of Microsoft’s big developer conferences. As part of the week’s festivities I was able to showcase RestSharp in a new event Microsoft put on to showcase over 50 different .NET open source projects called Open Source Fest. While planning for the event I decided I wanted find a way to draw people to stop by my table…. Read More

Save the Planet With Twilio

Earth Day is just around the corner (April 22nd), so we couldn’t help but think how we could help. And what better way to do that than with an army of planeteers—I mean engineers? For this week’s contest, we want to see how you can use Twilio to make the Earth a better place. Use Twilio to coordinate a clean-up event or a system that helps… Read More

NYC and Baltimore: Startup Weekend on the East Coast

Twilio attended two of the six (!!!) Startup Weekend events held this weekend around the world — New York City and Baltimore. Additional events were held in San Jose, Kansas City, and Nashville. There was also an event held in Marseille, France. It was a very entrepreneurial weekend. Startup Weekend New York City By John Britton Startup Weekend New York City kicked off at with the… Read More

CallCongress Makes it Easy to Call Your Senators and Representatives

Do you want your voice to be heard? Then you should call your elected officials and make sure they know what issues are important to you. Government contact information is available over at, but there is a better way to get connected. Use CallCongress. Call (888) 491-2262 Callers are prompted to select from the names of their senators and representatives. With just one press on… Read More

LinkedIn Labs Releases TextIn – Internal Hackathon Winner

LinkedIn‘s latest internal hackathon winner is TextIn, which was developed by Sudeep Yegnashankaran and released as part of LinkedIn Labs portal this morning.  The app uses Twilio SMS to enable any mobile phone user to search, invite, and update LinkedIn from their mobile phone with a simple text message. Sudeep originally cofounded CardMunch, a service that was acquired by LinkedIn earlier this year, and since then he’s been cooking up new… Read More

TastePlug Uses Twilio to Make Sure You Never Miss a Beat

Think of TastePlug as the for music. Ever been out and heard a new song you instantly loved, asked the people around you for the artist and title, then went home and promptly forgot about it? The trio behind TastePlug want to make sure that never happens. Think of it as a simple to-do list for music—text TastePlug the artist and title of the song, and TastePlug… Read More

Coast To Coast: Hanging Out at CodeConf & HackNY This Weekend

A Weekend of Code at Github’s CodeConf – Rahim Sonawalla @rahims This weekend Github threw its first conference, CodeConf. The theme was social coding, and 300 developers came from all over the nation to meet and talk about everything from CSS optimization to the the debate over whether code is literature. The speakers were varied in their field of expertise, but all of them were united… Read More

Twilio Dashboard Updated: Search Your Phone Numbers

Over the weekend we quietly rolled out the most recent in a series of improvements to the Twilio account dashboard tools, which are what you’ll see when logged in to you Twilio account.  The new interface makes it easy to search through the Twilio phone numbers you own, based on digits, description, or the URL set for the voice or SMS application connected to a number…. Read More