TastePlug Uses Twilio to Make Sure You Never Miss a Beat

Tasteplug_team Think of TastePlug as the Flxt.it for music. Ever been out and heard a new song you instantly loved, asked the people around you for the artist and title, then went home and promptly forgot about it? The trio behind TastePlug want to make sure that never happens. Think of it as a simple to-do list for music—text TastePlug the artist and title of the song, and TastePlug takes care of the rest. It’ll search out the song’s information (album cover, where to stream it, where to download it, etc.) and present it on your personal TastePlug webpage.

TastePlug was written in a weekend by Wesley Zhao, Ajay Mehta, and Dan Shipper, all students at UPenn (they heard about Twilio at the Penn Apps Mobile Hackathon). Here’s what Wesley had to say about TastePlug.

“We decided to build Tasteplug because we recognized a huge market in the social music (and other media) experience. However, we wanted to start simply with a basic tool that would be useful and address one crucial part of the issue. So we figured out a lot of people don’t really have an organized/sexy way to keep track of the music they want to listen to or that is recommended to them. So we decided to build a cool to-do list for music.”

“Our app was really polished off and finished in one weekend. We had conceived of the idea earlier than that, but it was over one weekend that we put our heads together and decided to hack it all together. We used PHP for the back-end, Javascript (Jquery libraries) for the front-end, and MySQL as our database of choice.”

“Moving forward, we are hoping to build little features rapidly on top of the to-do list in order to add more utility at each iteration. At a certain point we will be able to get enough users through the usefulness of our app, that we will begin to build features that foster a network and community and hopefully watch it explode.”