Twilio Dashboard Updated: Search Your Phone Numbers

Over the weekend we quietly rolled out the most recent in a series of improvements to the Twilio account dashboard tools, which are what you’ll see when logged in to you Twilio account.  The new interface makes it easy to search through the Twilio phone numbers you own, based on digits, description, or the URL set for the voice or SMS application connected to a number.


If you already have numbers in your Twilio account, their friendly name will be set to match the phone number by default, but you can change the FriendlyName with the Twilio REST API to something more useful like a unique identifier.

Add Caller ID

Using the Numbers tab of your Twilio account, you can add caller IDs like your cell phone or business phone so that call recipients will see these numbers instead of your Twilio number.  Any Twilio phone number you’ve purchased are already validated caller IDs.


We hope you will enjoy these new features, and if you have any questions or suggestions for more improvements please feel free to drop us a note at, we’re always listening.