Matt Fischer Wins Our Twilio for Sports Contest

In our Twilio for Sports contest we asked developers to use Twilio to take their favorite sport to the next level. Matt wanted to create a way for coaches and fans to get the outcome of high school state tournaments quickly, so he used Twilio and Perl to create a system that allows people to get scores by either texting or calling. The system isn’t ready for public release yet (set to launch in early June), but you can see a screenshot of it in action below. Here’s what Matt had to say about the experience:

“I’m the Information Services Director for the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), the organization which oversees high school athletics in Connecticut.

“We wanted to build a phone and SMS system for retrieving scores for games during our state championships tournaments. How to do that? The Twilio API of course. It took me almost a year to get around to looking at the docs after one of my counterparts from another state did a presentation on Twilio at our national convention last summer, but less then two hours start to finish to build my first app.

“In its current format users can retrieve the scores for a sport on a day by either calling a phone prompt system or texting the appropriate code to a number. There are still a number of improvements that will be made (providing schedules of unplayed games, letting people request results for specific schools, etc.) but I think this is a nice tool in its current format. All the data is pulled from our current database that houses the scores for our websites. Hooking it to Twilio via the API was a snap.”

Your Turn

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