Dan Hawkins Wins Our Scratch Your Own Itch Developer Contest

For our last contest, we put out an interesting challenge: rather than use Twilio’s API to make something interesting, we asked developers to make something that helps make interesting applications. Tools like localtunnel and postbin are awesome, and we wanted to developers make more tools like them.

We had useful entries like a code completion plug-in and a rate-center look up tool, but in the end we decided that Dan Hawkins’ OpenVBX Notifications plug-in was the winner. When developing OpenVBX plug-ins, it can be a pain to have the debugger window open, or switch to it constantly. With Dan’s plug-in, notifications appear in OpenVBX itself, so you can debug quickly.

If you’re an OpenVBX developer looking to save some time, grab the source code on Github.

Your Turn

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