Committing Random Hacks of Kindness in Atlanta

Random Hacks of Kindness (or RHoK) is a worldwide community that brings together expert volunteers in software engineering, design and crisis response.  It focuses on developing practical open source solutions to disaster risk management and climate change adaptation challenges. Twice a year these volunteers meet in cities around the world and tackle problems that have been submitted to the RHoK website.  After a quick survey of the… Read More

Dan Hawkins Wins Our Scratch Your Own Itch Developer Contest

For our last contest, we put out an interesting challenge: rather than use Twilio’s API to make something interesting, we asked developers to make something that helps make interesting applications. Tools like localtunnel and postbin are awesome, and we wanted to developers make more tools like them. We had useful entries like a code completion plug-in and a rate-center look up tool, but in the end… Read More

Introducing Andrew Watson, Our New Developer Evangelist

My name is Andrew Watson and I’m a Twilio Developer Evangelist.  I’ll be focusing on OpenVBX and the community of developers that has been writing plugins for it and building applications on top of it. I started using Twilio in February of 2009 after I saw a company called ShoutNow pitch at StartupRiot in Atlanta.  They used it to automate the old fashioned phone tree problem…. Read More

Need Help Running Effective Meetings? Lucid Meetings Solves Your Problem

We met Elise, John, Chris and Tony at Gov 2.0 is Washington D.C. last year. Their latest venture, Lucid Meetings, was created when they grew increasingly frustrated with existing online meeting tools and decided they could do better. While the company is located in Portland, OR, the founders are dispersed and use their own product to meet and guide the company forward. We caught up with… Read More

Chicago API Hackday Recap

Wheels down ORD at 6 AM Saturday morning. It was another redeye for me, but I had more energy than I thought I would. A coder’s high, if you will. Though this past Saturday was Chicago’s first API Hackday, we were all set to make it the best one held anywhere. Daniel, Keith (whom you’ll meet next week), and I joined our friends at SendGrid, SimpleGeo,… Read More

TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2011 Recap

Two weeks ago, Danielle and I took redeye flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles to join five hundred hackers as they descended on New York City’s Pier 94 on an unusually sunny Saturday morning. Without a doubt, this was the largest hackathon I’d ever been to. Heck, they took over part of a warehouse! Up for grabs were tickets to the Disrupt conference, as well… Read More

How To Create SMS Payment Notifications for FreshBooks Using Twilio

Ah, there’s nothing like the feeling of getting paid. Using the Twilio SMS API and the FreshBooks API, we can easily create a web app that let’s you experience that feeling no matter where you are. In this tutorial, we’re going to create a web app that sends you a text message everytime a payment is posted to one of your FreshBooks invoices. To get started,… Read More