New Developer Contest: Twilio + Infochimps

It’s a special day today for many of our readers. In addition to celebrating America’s Independence day, we want to celebrate data. I know that sounds crazy, but put Will Smith on mute for a minute and give me a chance.

Not too long ago, we didn’t have access to data. It existed, but it wasn’t really available. It was either shared on a one-off basis, or hidden somewhere in the deep corners of the Internet. Now, thanks to companies like Infochimps, you can have access to everything from all the reported UFO sightings to all the free WiFi spots in the nation.

So for this special day, we’re running a special contest with our friends at Infochimps. What interesting applications could you create with that kind of data? Perhaps a phone-powered UFO Mad Libs game? Or an SMS rolodex of social media profiles? Be creative and show us what you could do with Twilio and almost any type of dataset imaginable.

Learn more and submit your contest entry…