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Announcing OpenVBX, a virtual phone system, now with Twilio Client


Today we are excited to share the latest version of OpenVBX, a virtual phone system that now features native VoIP integration with Twilio Client. OpenVBX users now have a sleek, intuitive interface for making and receiving calls directly in the browser to other users. Simply push a button to talk, and the dialpad slides out to enable DTMF tones, hangup, and mute.

OpenVBX 1.0: A virtual phone system with VoIP

We’ve designed OpenVBX as an open source virtual phone system and an example of what we’d love to see built using Twilio. These latest improvements benefit the thousands of businesses who enjoy this simple, powerful virtual PBX.
OpenVBX with Twilio ClientWhen Twilio released OpenVBX in June of last year, our goal was to make it dead-simple for anyone to build a powerful and flexible virtual phone system for their business. Today we’re taking OpenVBX to the next level with the launch of OpenVBX 1.0 featuring Twilio Client.

OpenVBX with Twilio Client brings the power and affordability of VoIP to the virtual PBX, all while retaining the signature elegance and ease of use of a Twilio product. OpenVBX always made it easy to build phone trees, route calls to any phone and transcribe voice messages. Now, thanks to the integration with Twilio Client, an OpenVBX implementation can make and receive calls from any modern browser.

Set Your Status


You can set your OpenVBX status to be online and available to receive calls, in which case your calls will ring in your browser. If you’re offline (or if you don’t answer from your browser) your calls will be routed to the phone numbers you’ve added on the Devices page.

Receive Phone Calls Directly to Your Browser

To receive calls in your browser you must be the recipient of a Dial applet in a Flow, either through direct selection or through a group.

Outbound Calling From the Browser

Twilio Client is now deeply integrated into OpenVBX, so you can make outbound calls from your browser at any time. Just use the call button to dial out.

These are just a few of the new features baked into OpenVBX with Twilio Client integration! It’s all open source, so you have the freedom to make it your own by installing third party plugins or building your own. So are you ready to take the new OpenVBX for a spin? Get started!

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