Hacking LA

Last weekend, I helped organize API Hack Day LA. While the API Hack Day event has been making its rounds throughout the nation, this is the first time it’s come to Los Angeles. This was a special event for me because Los Angeles is where I call home—a home that’s tech scene has recently been the topic of debate.

The day ran from 8 AM to roughly 7:30 PM, and gave developers and designers a chance to play around with some cool new APIs like SimpleGeo’s neighborhood data and Factual’s living data.

At the end of the day, eight teams presented and three winners were chosen. The first place winner was Jay Stakelon with SoundClash, which used Rdio and Echonest’s API to put two songs against each other in order to build an epic playlist.


Second place went to Jorge Garifuna with GiveMeMoney which used Twilio to take credit card payments over the phone.


Third place went to Brad Gilreath with GeoRadio which used SimpleGeo and Rdio to play music based on your location. (Unfortunately, my Flip cam froze and I wasn’t able to record Brad’s demo.)

You can find the rest of the videos of the demos on our YouTube channel.

A special thanks to all the sponsor companies that helped make the event possible: Factual, Mashery, SendGrid, and SimpleGeo. And to Coloft for donating their space for the event.