Announcing the Winners of the Twilio and Box Developer Contest

A couple weeks ago we partnered with our friends at cloud sharing service Box for a mashup developer contest, and we were yet again stunned by the creativity of our developer community.  Even before our announcement, some of the participants have launched and received press, making for one fiercely competitive field of contestants.

Best looking developer community on the Internet

The communities of both Twilio and Box rose to the occasion with vigor, showing the combination of communications and sharing business content can be powerful and compelling.  So without further ado, we bring you the winning Twilio / Box mashups!

VentureBox Assist Organizes Your Client Information In One Place

VentureBox Assist let you securely manage and share all your client information in a single interface.  Geared to help professional services firms communicate and collaborate in a client-centric fashion, VentureBox leverages’s document sharing features along with Twilio Client and SMS to easily swap client info within your team and make it simple to communicate with customers.

The project began its life as a internal tool by VentureBox, a web development outfit in Lake Forest, California now specializing in products that make client service simpler.  After customers started hearing of the power of their implementation, team member Kevin Pope said the team started to focus on turning it into an external product. “Between SMS, phone, and VOIP, teams can share information and communicate in ways that just weren’t possible before. When you layer that on a device-indepedant workspace that includes shared client information, files, and history, you have an incredibly rich solution to client service management.”

You can get more info on VentureBox Assist by watching their stunning intro video:


TheInterviewr Schedules and Records Your Interviews

TheInterviewrRoger Stringer’s entry is a very polished app that makes it easy to schedule and record interviews of all stripes.   In an elegant interface, TheInterviewr let’s you schedule an interview and will call you at the appropriate time, then call the person you are interviewing and connect you hassle-free.  The app also records the call automatically and saves the recordings in an easy-to-navigate interface, keeping all your interviews organized for easy reference later.

A lifesaver app for journalists, recruiters and anyone who conducts interviews on a daily basis, Roger and TheInterviewr takes our second prize.

Open-FTP Is A Bouncer For Your File Sharing

Open-FTP is a neat service that lets you link up your Box account to your cellphone to get notifications whenever your files on Box are downloaded.  Created by Scott Johnson, the clever tool also lets you limit the number of times a file is downloaded, giving you an easy way to share your files but with a hard, user-definable cap.

The service is easy to use and super turn key, netting Scott third place.

The Loot

For first place, Team VentureBox picks up a big bucket of swag including a brand-new Macbook Air.  For second, Roger Stringer swoops up a 32GB Galaxy Tab from Samsung.  And Scott Johnson is now the proud pilot of a Parrot AR Drone for his bronze finish.

Congratulations to all our winners and remember, this week’s sales-focused contest deadline is approaching fast.  Get your entries in before Sunday at midnight PDT to compete for a spot in this post next week.

  • Daniel O’Leary

    I generally don’t look so haggard on planes, but when I do, I post those pictures all over the internets. 

  • Daniel O’Leary

    I generally don’t look so haggard on planes, but when I do, I post those pictures all over the internets.