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FastCall411 Announces 2nd Round of Funding at TwilioCon


Congratulations to FastCall411, a Twilio Fund alumni who will be presenting this afternoon and announced today their second round of fundraising from angel investor Gerry Campbell.

FastCall411 is a Los Angeles based sales automation and analytics company built on the platform.  The company works with marketing and sales organizations to optimize conversion from lead generation to inside sales.  They were one of the first companies that use Twilio’s cloud based telecom API integrated into

“With the Twilio voice API and, we’ve put the sales phone system where it needs to be, inside the CRM. With Twilio and Salesforce FastCall411 helps sales and marketing organizations drive efficiency into their small business acquisition efforts. We can increase a company’s sales and marketing opportunities significantly and have helped companies that are targeting the SMB market increase their response rate by up to 10X.” — Richard Rosen, FastCall411

Read more about the announcement on their blog >>>

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