Learn Soft Skills at Day Camp 4 Developers

Whether it’s an API Hackday, any Startup Weekend worldwide, the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, or our own recent TwilioCon Hackathon, there are some common threads:

Before a single line of code is written, individuals need to negotiate a goal. Once there’s a goal, the team creates a plan and divides the work. Throughout the project, you have to manage scope against a fixed deadline with team members of unknown skills.

By any standard it’s a challenge, but the aspect that makes a group successful isn’t their code – it’s the soft skills.

What to expect at Day Camp 4 Developers

Cal Evans & his polar bearTowards that goal, my good friend and colleague Cal Evans (pictured right) has put together the third Day Camp 4 Developers (DC4D) this Saturday, October 1st with the sole goal of teaching Project Management skills. We won’t cover abstract concepts like “resource leveling” or CMM/CMMI but will instead focus on specific, tangible Project Management principles and practices you can use in your projects today.

On the agenda this time around is Microsoft Developer Evangelist Brian Prince on “Hands on Agile Practices,” accomplished freelance author Thursday Bram on “How Freelancers Can Use Project Management to Make Clients Happier Than They’ve Ever Been,” Zend Framework contributor and author Rob Allen on “Getting a Website Out the Door,” Engine Yard PHP Community Manager Elizabeth Naramore on “Dealing with Difficult People,” benchmarking & performance expert Paul M Jones on “Estimating and Expectations,” and finally Keith Casey (myself) on “Project Management Is More Than To-do Lists.”

How to participate

But the most unique aspect about DC4D isn’t the subject matter, it’s the delivery. The event is 100% online and even wallet-friendly at $40 for the day. More importantly, it’s on a Saturday, so you can take part without getting boss approval, filling out six forms, providing blood samples, or documenting “education goals” to your friendly HR rep.

So take this Saturday off from the code and join us for Day Camp 4 Developers #3: Project Management to form and sharpen the skills to make your job better and your projects easier.

Day Camp 4 Developers

This time around, we’ve joined as a sponsor. We believe the underlying concepts are fundamental to success not just at Hackathons but on projects and teams in general. Regardless of your technology, regardless of your skill level, you can and should put these concepts to work today.