Zendesk Extends Program to Twilio Conference Attendees

At Twilio, we are no strangers to the simplicity and efficiency of the Zendesk platform.  In fact, we use this help desk software every day to smoothly manage the workflows of customer support.  We have also seen several developers integrate the Twilio API into Zendesk.  Thus, it is with much excitement that we announce their plans to extend the Zendesk Loves Startups program to Twilio Conference attendees… Read More

Another $250,000 Committed to Twilio Fund by Dave McClure & Ron Conway

This evening in Dave McClure’s closing keynote he announced that he is joining forces with fellow “super angel” Ron Conway, who also keynoted earlier today at the Twilio Conference, to double-down on the Twilio Fund with an additional $250,000 in seed investment earmarked for Twilio-powered companies. This new batch of investment money, which is open for submissions October 15th, is focused on providing funding to companies that… Read More

Twilio and Windows 8: Your Ticket to a Samsung Tablet

Last week in Anaheim Microsoft launched the next generation of Windows-based desktop and tablet applications with the introduction of Windows 8, Metro and Windows Runtime. The fortunate Windows developers in attendance received a Samsung Windows 8 tablet computer to start building their apps on. We thought about it and decided that instead of keeping the one we received for ourselves, it would be way more fun to give… Read More

Announcing Twilio Connect

Today we are excited to introduce Twilio Connect, a new set of features and APIs enabling developers to simplify the process of integrating Twilio features into their apps without having to worry about end-user billing for phone numbers, call minutes and text messages. One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we’ve received from our developer community is that maintaining a usage-based billing system requires a… Read More

Twilio Client: Presence for Everyone!

Less than two months ago, Twilio introduced Twilio Client, a set of SDKs that enable developers to build VoIP into their web and mobile apps with a few lines of code. Today, we are launching a major update to Twilio Client with the Presence API. As its name suggests, Presence lets you add presence-awareness to your Twilio Client application. With Presence, your app gets notified when… Read More

TwilioCon Kicks Off this Morning with 600 Developers & Entrepreneurs

Today we’re gathered at the Bently Reserve for the first day of the Twilio Conference.  Keynotes kick off at 9am, and we’ll be hearing from Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson, as he shares the state of all things Twilio and announces where we’re headed. Day 1 will end with Hack Night, a late night hackathon featuring awesome prizes and old school video games. Day #1 Keynote Speakers Today… Read More

Announcing Twilio Fund Companies Presenting at TwilioCon

Twilio Fund is excited to announce the finalists and presenting alumni companies who will demo their products and showcase their startups at TwilioCon this week. On Thursday, 8 companies will take the stage to present before Paul Singh of 500 Startups, Alastair Goldfisher of Thomson Reuters, and Manu Kumar of K9 Ventures.  The panel and audience will ask questions, provide feedback, and ultimately some companies may… Read More

Hack Night at Twilio Conference: Code, Prizes and Fun

At Twilio, we don’t just love hackathons. We live for them. Nothing is more exciting than watching new projects take flight while developers feverishly pour out their ideas into code. For Twilio Conference we’ve put together an entire evening of hacking festivities with a slew of great prizes for the best hacks. Hack Night isn’t just for hackers though, if you just want to come hang… Read More