Thanks to SendGrid, Twilio Conference Gold Sponsor

SendGridHere at Twilio, we’re no strangers to SendGrid. In fact, we’re basically BFFs with them! We both provide awesome APIs and are both sponsors of API Hack Day. If you’re unfamiliar, API Hack Day brings developers together for an all-day coding fest focused on building apps with APIs. Developers of all experience levels can share ideas, collaborate on projects, start new ventures and discover about great tools and new APIs to play with. Lucky for us, SendGrid offered to become a Gold Sponsor for the Twilio Conference!

We’re huge fans, especially because their APIs are so easy to work with. For the uninitiated, SendGrid’s cloud-based email infrastructure “relieves businesses of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems.” SendGrid is reliable and scalable, and they offer real-time analytics along with flexible APIs that make custom integration easy. SendGrid provides more than just APIs for sending and receiving email, though. They’re experts on maximizing deliverability, a challenging prospect in the current environment.

Why use SendGrid?

Save time and resources

SendGrid replaces your email infrastructure so you don’t have to build, scale, and maintain these systems in-house.

Your emails actually get delivered

According to SendGrid, on average, 20% of legitimate emails never reach their destination. SendGrid offers world class deliverability expertise to make sure your emails get delivered.

Easy integration

SendGrid’s APIs are incredibly easy to use because they provide plenty of in-depth documentation. You can be up and running in minutes.

Real-time analytics

A whole suite of actionable, real-time analytics are available through their web dashboard or through their APIs which can help you analyze and optimize your email campaigns.


Their infrastructure scales with you, whether you’re sending 1 email a month or 1 million.

To learn more about SendGrid, check out this video:

For more details (including pricing) visit their website or give them a shout out on Twitter! If you’d like to attend API Hack Day, there’s one on September 24 in Salt Lake City and November 8 in Boulder.

Twilio ConferenceIf you still haven’t registered for the Twilio Conference, there are a few tickets left. Get yours before it sells out!