Thanks to Stackmob, Twilio Conference Sponsor

It seems only natural that Stackmob would be part of The Twilio Conference, given our past involvement with them at developer conferences, and we’re excited to have them!  Stackmob and Twilio both sponsored the Dreamforce 2011 Hackathon.   In fact, the Second Place Winner, Yosun Chang, used both StackMob and Twilio in her 3D location based services app, SocialVoxels.

So what is Stackmob?

Stackmob is a backend development platform for mobile application that helps developers build, deploy, and scale the entire backend so they can focus on building awesome apps.  Stackmob provides a full development stack that handles the backend and provides the developer with a customized api, physical scale, push notifications, and the ability to create email campaigns, measure analytics, and utilize social integration.

Watch this video to get the low-down on Stackmob!

Why should I use Stackmob?

Plain and simple, Stackmob encourages mobile developers build exceptional user experience by allowing them to focus on frontend code.  Stackmob does this by providing a flawless backend cloud platform which enables developers to build feature-rich mobile applications.  Hence, developers can spend less time building out the mobile app basics and startups can conserve their resources.   Stackmob is designed to empower developers and help turn their apps from ideas into real software, fast.

What’s this about Heroku and Stackmob?

We’re excited for both Stackmob and Heroku as they announce their partnership.  Stackmob has long been described as “Heroku for mobile,” so it only makes sense that they integrate with Heroku as an add-on, extending their mobile platform to all Ruby developers on Heroku.  This partnership “brings two powerful, world-class backend solutions together to give developers greater flexibility and a better way to build, deploy and scale their mobile and web applications.”  You can read more about the integration on Stackmob’s blog.