Thanks to TokBox, Twilio Conference Sponsor

TokBoxWe’re huge fans of TokBox here at Twilio. They provide simple APIs that make it easy to add flexible, multi-way video chat to your applications. Think Twilio, but instead of voice and SMS communications, you have video chat. Very cool stuff they have going on there. Developers can leverage both the OpenTok APIs or their plug-n-play OpenTok Widgets.

OpenTok APIs

Use the OpenTok APIs to build your app using simple JavaScript or ActionScript libraries. Developers will have control over:

  • Size: Make the video streams, bigger, smaller or resizable to fit the roles of your users.
  • Layout: Arrange the video streams like any other HTML or ActionScript element to suit your use case.
  • Interaction: Design the interaction to connect users as it makes sense to in your app.

OpenTok Widgets

You can add live video apps to your website using any of these free plug-n-play OpenTok Widgets:

  • Basic Embed: Add a live 20 person video chat room to your website or blog in seconds!
  • WordPress Plugin: Host a live video conversation on your blog or website. Enables a conversation with 10 broadcasters and hundreds of watchers.
  • TokBooth Embed BETA: Let visitors record & submit video messages to you from your own website or blog!
  • Drupal Module: Configure and customize any live video experience on your Drupal website.

Thank you, TokBox, for being a Twilio Conference sponsor!