Get Siri-ous with Twilio

Since the iPhone 4S dropped, developers have set themselves immediately to the task of twisting Siri to their own ends.  the voice-based personal assistant that made waves with the exclusive launch of the iPhone 4S, Siri is Apple’s shot at giving the smart phone user their very own admin.  4S owners speak natural language phrases to the app and Siri intends to handle it in the… Read More

Using Siri with Twilio For Home Automation

Christopher Deutsch is a web developer and the owner of MakeRocketGoNow, a Minneapolis-based software development company specializing in web and mobile applications.  I’ve created a Twilio, Node.js mash up that allows me to control appliances and the thermostat in my house using the iPhone 4S’s Siri voice recognition. Here’s a demo of turning on my bedroom fan. How does this work? From Siri to the end result… Read More

Twilio Launches in Europe, Opens Office in London

Today we are happy to announce that Twilio has launched in Europe, and local phone and freephone numbers for using Twilio Voice are now available in the United Kingdom. Check out UK pricing and let us know what you’re planning to build. We also have five countries in public beta: France, Poland, Austria, Denmark, and Portugal and several more countries on the way.  You can request… Read More

Introducing Jack Aboutboul, Developer Evangelist Here To Help You Rock!

Hi, I’m Jack, the newest member of the Developer Evangelism team at Twilio. I’ll be working out of NYC, a.k.a. The Silicon Alley, a.k.a. the city that never sleeps, because, well, our commitment to helping you build awesome things with Twilio never sleeps! I’m no stranger to hacking. I’ve been involved in tech and a member of the Open Source community for over a decade. I… Read More

MemoryAide Connects You To Voice and SMS Broadcasting For Contest Glory

Ever since our release at Twilio Conference, developers are dusting off old Twilio hacks with Twilio Connect to remove the worry of variable usage costs from operating their apps.  We invited more of this common implementation pattern in the typical Twilio way – a two-week free-for-all developer throwdown. You answered with unusual vigor, delivering a number of revamped apps sporting new Twilo Connect integrations.  The contest submissions were… Read More

How Does Twilio Protect Customers?

Twilio has always been a company that focuses on creating opportunities for our developer community. This can be seen from our initial launch of the 5 verbs which enabled developers to start building the first cloud based communication applications, to our most recent announcement of Twilio Connect which enables developers to not have to worry about usage based billing. As our business has grown, though, we have… Read More

QwikTalk: A Simple Way to get Expert Advice Using Twilio Voice

Josh Breinlinger had the idea for QwikTalk, a phone-based advice service, so he got together with developer Den Markin and together they built the service using Twilio Voice. Through QwikTalk, users can reach experts for advice on cars, pets, business, and virtually anything where sage advice is needed. They recently launched the first test categories for Excel experts, SEO experts, and SEM experts.  Soon after, they launched the… Read More

Get Wired In With Twilio Presence

Hot off the heels of our Twilio Connect contest, this week we’re taking our contests realtime with Twilio Presence.  We launched this feature for Twilio Client at our first-ever Twilio Conference and ever since developers have been integrating it with their Client implementations to display information on which Twilio Clients are connected. Implementation is easy – simply add Twilio Client’s new .presence() to your Twilio Device and your app… Read More