AutoClaims Direct uses Twilio to build a virtual phone system

AutoClaims Direct LogoWith employees distributed throughout the country, AutoClaims Direct – a services and technology company in the Property & Casualty insurance claims industry – needed a virtual telephone system for its distributed “virtual” office. After exploring a variety of off-the-shelf options and finding they lacked the required flexibility, AutoClaims Direct decided to build its virtual phone system on Twilio. According to Ernie Bray, the company’s CEO, the result has been fantastic.

We sat down with Ernie to explore the problems AutoClaims Direct needed to solve and why his company went with Twilio to solve them.

A virtual phone system for AutoClaims Direct’s virtual office

Twilio: Why were you in the market for a virtual phone system?
Ernie Bray: The claims business knows no time zone. We have insurance clients in all parts of the country, each with varying needs. We were in search of a virtual phone solution that was reliable, customizable, and capable of providing our clients the service they have come to expect. With employees located throughout the nation, we wanted something that would provide us with the most options and would also seamlessly integrate with our DirectLink software.

Twilio: Why did you choose Twilio?
EB: With our business constantly expanding, we were in the market to explore options that would be the most customizable to our needs. We discovered Twilio provided us with the most possibilities.

Twilio: How are you using Twilio?
EB: Essentially, we have built a call center that allows all employees to work in the same “virtual office” even if they are on the other side of the country. We are using Twilio as the backbone. We have incorporated Twilio into our DirectLink software to enable all employees to dial directly through one integrated interface. Our talented software engineers have developed a simple call menu within our system to permit users to handle calls timely and efficiently. Voicemails are routed to each user’s dashboard for immediate handling. Calls can be placed on hold, conferenced, or transferred to the appropriate party in the click of a mouse.

But we have taken it one step further. By integrating Twilio, we can see in real-time who is currently on the phone to provide even better client service. We have also integrated “click to call” solutions to have all telephone numbers within our software as hot links that will dial that party instantly.

Twilio: Anything you’d like to add?
EB: AutoClaims Direct has been named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast-500 of North America for 2 consecutive years as well as Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Companies in America for 3 straight years. With our fast growing company we seek to partner with like-minded technology companies to implement our vision. Twilio has been exactly what we had hoped and more.

You can learn more about AutoClaims Direct’s offerings on its website