Free Your App With The Twilio Connect Free-For-All

Two weeks ago all of us at Twilio HQ were very excited to unveil Twilio Connect, the hotly anticipated, oft-requested ability to let your users run your Twilio app with their own Twilio credits.  In its short life so far, it is already proving to be a huge boon to developers participating in competitions, allowing you to write your app without worrying about draining your account if it becomes a smash hit.

This week we’re stoking that excitement into a raging fire with an open, free-form contest for Twilio Connect.  No theme, no prescription, no partner – any Twilio app that sports Connect is eligible, so long as it hasn’t won a previous contest.

Participants will be vying for a slim, trim and brand spankin’ new 11-inch MacBook Air.

Contest Rules

This week’s contest is pretty loose, but each entry must conform to these requirements.

  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM PDT Sunday October 16th
  • Entries must use Twilio Connect
  • Entries do not have to be new – you can integrate Twilio Connect into your existing app to participate
  • Entry cannot be an app that has previously won a Twilio Developer Contest
  • Bonus points for submission to our App Gallery
  • Extra bonus points for use of Twilio Client

You can submit your entry here.

What’s This Developer Contest About?

Each fortnight, we incent developers to build something awesome with a Twilio-powered contest.  As a language agnostic platform for cloud communications, we want developers of every shape, size and stripe to solve problems and grab a little glory using Twilio. To kickstart the creative process, we’ve run these developer contests for over a year.

How To Get Involved

Submissions are accepted via this handy-dandy form. If you need any help or want to bounce some ideas off of other Twilio coders, join us on our forums or just drop a note to