Introducing Jack Aboutboul, Developer Evangelist Here To Help You Rock!

Jack's Pic Hi, I’m Jack, the newest member of the Developer Evangelism team at Twilio. I’ll be working out of NYC, a.k.a. The Silicon Alley, a.k.a. the city that never sleeps, because, well, our commitment to helping you build awesome things with Twilio never sleeps!

I’m no stranger to hacking. I’ve been involved in tech and a member of the Open Source community for over a decade. I practically grew up at Red Hat. I started out as an intern and went on to become a Community Architect helping establish and becoming responsible for the Fedora community and ecosystem.

We accomplished amazing things with Fedora and rewrote a lot of the rules around what freedoms hackers deserve, copyright reform, open content and how software and communities should be built. We also shattered preconceived notions about computing with the One Laptop Per Child project. It’s been amazing to see how that project has influenced the state of tech today (iPads, tablet computers, applications as pre-packaged “apps”, etc.). I hope to be able to bring that same thirst for developing innovative ideas and the communities around them to Twilio.

An Awesome Community

People have been asking me what excites me about Twilio and why I decided to join the Twilio team. For me that answer is simple and clear: the exciting opportunity to help a community of over 60,000 developers grow, innovate and disrupt. Whether they are working on creative solutions to their own problems, prototyping something over the weekend to impress the boss or creating a sleek new app for the masses, Twilio developers are extraordinarily clever and extremely passionate.

It’s rare to see a community that is so impassioned. When you do, its a surefire sign that there’s magic waiting to happen. Especially when you know that there is infinite potential for intersection with other technologies; the possibilities are truly endless.

What I’m Here To Do

I knew after playing with the Twilio API that this was something I wanted to be a part of. Twilio allows you to take something which is so fundamentally human–communicating–and let your imagination run wild with it. Introducing Twilio to new developers is a little like watching a young Jimi Hendrix pick up a guitar for the first time, knowing that you’ve just been granted all the power to change the world and take your place in history.

I’m Jack. You’ll find me wherever you are, all over the country and all over the world. You can find me on Twitter or via email at I’m here to help you make awesome happen.