MemoryAide Connects You To Voice and SMS Broadcasting For Contest Glory

Ever since our release at Twilio Conference, developers are dusting off old Twilio hacks with Twilio Connect to remove the worry of variable usage costs from operating their apps.  We invited more of this common implementation pattern in the typical Twilio way – a two-week free-for-all developer throwdown.

You answered with unusual vigor, delivering a number of revamped apps sporting new Twilo Connect integrations.  The contest submissions were in many ways a trip down memory lane, with many promising previous entries that had only limited availability due to unpredictable operational costs now set free by Twilio Connect.  Giving developers this freedom was exactly why we built this new product and it was inspiring to see so many entries leverage it to increase the reach of their apps.

One such entry was our contest winner, Chris Castleman’s MemoryAide.

Voice and SMS Broadcasting (Reminders) with a Twilio Connect Twist

MemoryAide works as its title suggests.  Users can schedule text or phone messages to be sent at specified times, receiving voice broadcast or the SMS at the appropriate later time.  Reminder apps are popular with the Twilio community, and MemoryAide delivers even greater feature richness by adding contact management, templates for frequently scheduled reminders and an interface to upload your own recorded messages to be delivered with a scheduled reminder.

Chris launched MemoryAide last winter and has continued to evolve his product over the course of the year.  With a redesign in February, a recurring reminders feature in April and the availability of commercial accounts in May, MemoryAide evolved over the course of the year to an increasingly polished and useful product.

MemoryAide was further updated for this contest with Twilio Connect, simplifying Chris’ billing for the product by letting his users use their own Twilio accounts for phone numbers, messages and minutes.  Chris also complemented his Twilio Connect integration with a free 60 day trial to reduce barriers to adoption.

Your Presence Is Requested

For Chris’ superb effort, we’re shipping him a care package of swag, $100 in Twilio credit and, of course, a tasty 11-inch Macbook Air.

Got an old Twilio hack of your own you’ve been meaning to dust off?  We’re doing a similar contest this week for Twilio Presence.  Add Presence capability to your new or existing Twilio Client application and you can compete to win an 11-inch Macbook Air of your own.  The contest deadline is one minute before midnight October 30th – submit your entry here.