Get Wired In With Twilio Presence

Hot off the heels of our Twilio Connect contest, this week we’re taking our contests realtime with Twilio Presence.  We launched this feature for Twilio Client at our first-ever Twilio Conference and ever since developers have been integrating it with their Client implementations to display information on which Twilio Clients are connected. Implementation is easy – simply add Twilio Client’s new .presence() to your Twilio Device and your app… Read More

AutoClaims Direct uses Twilio to build a virtual phone system

With employees distributed throughout the country, AutoClaims Direct – a services and technology company in the Property & Casualty insurance claims industry – needed a virtual telephone system for its distributed “virtual” office. After exploring a variety of off-the-shelf options and finding they lacked the required flexibility, AutoClaims Direct decided to build its virtual phone system on Twilio. According to Ernie Bray, the company’s CEO, the result has been fantastic…. Read More

Robert Levy Wins Windows 8 Contest With Easy SMS Sharing

Three weeks ago we asked the Twilio developer community to dance on the bleeding edge with a contest focused on Windows 8.  You answered with vigor, producing a number of clever WinRT / Metro integrations that brought tasty Twilio communication to Windows 8 slick new tablet experience.  Out of many strong entries, veteran developer (and proud papa) Robert Levy from Berico Technologies pulled down our top prize… Read More

Twilio Checks In at the Foursquare Global Hackathon

I entered General Assembly at 10 AM on the morning of September 17, 2011 in full Twilio regalia, ready to get hacking with the crème de la crème of Foursquare developers. To my amazement, up on the projector screen was a live feed of the in-progress hackathons overseas in Tokyo and Paris. Akshay and the Foursquare team set things off with the ground-rules, some brief demos, and the… Read More

Free Your App With The Twilio Connect Free-For-All

Two weeks ago all of us at Twilio HQ were very excited to unveil Twilio Connect, the hotly anticipated, oft-requested ability to let your users run your Twilio app with their own Twilio credits.  In its short life so far, it is already proving to be a huge boon to developers participating in competitions, allowing you to write your app without worrying about draining your account… Read More