Red Cloud Rising – An Alternate Reality Game Built on Twilio

You walk into the Wall Street offices of Bydder Financial, which are beautifully appointed but otherwise nondescript. A friendly blond lady meets you at the front desk and eventually takes you and your fellow recruits into a conference room, where she explains that you are now Bydder for life. All, she tells you, will become clear in time. Expect phone calls and text messages to guide… Read More

New Developer Contest: Free Your App With The Twilio Connect Free-For-All

Two weeks ago all of us at Twilio HQ were very excited to unveil Twilio Connect, the hotly anticipated, oft-requested ability to let your users run your Twilio app with their own Twilio credits.  In its short life so far, it is already proving to be a huge boon to developers participating in competitions, allowing you to write your app without worrying about draining your account… Read More