Get Siri-ous with Twilio

Since the iPhone 4S dropped, developers have set themselves immediately to the task of twisting Siri to their own ends.  the voice-based personal assistant that made waves with the exclusive launch of the iPhone 4S, Siri is Apple’s shot at giving the smart phone user their very own admin.  4S owners speak natural language phrases to the app and Siri intends to handle it in the same manner as a human, scheduling reminders, shopping for flowers or finding directions.

While Apple has yet to release an official API for the voice-based virtual assistant, Twilio SMS is emerging as the preferred method for hackers wanting to tinker with Siri.  By adding a Twilio number as a contact in your address book, Twilio developers can use Siri to send SMS to their apps, making for some freaky-deaky HAL 9000 style hacks.

Several of these hacks are in the wild and we want to see more.  This week, we’re announcing a Siri themed contest focusing on killer videos from rad Siri hacks.  Post a public video on the video service of your chioce using Siri and Twilio to do awesome things to enter.

It’s only fitting that we match a cutting edge contest with a cutting edge prize, which is why we’re giving away a brand spankin’ new Kindle Fire to Siri + Twilio video that takes top prize.

Here’s a great video from Christopher Deutsch to serve as inspiration:


Contest Rules

This week’s contest is pretty specific, but each entry must conform to these requirements.

  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST Sunday November 13th
  • Entries must be a video showing a mashup of Siri and Twilio
  • Entry cannot be an app that has previously won a Twilio Developer Contest
  • Bonus points for submission to our App Gallery
  • Extra bonus points for use of Twilio Client

You can submit your entry here.

What’s This Developer Contest About?

Each fortnight, we incent developers to build something awesome with a Twilio-powered contest.  As a language agnostic platform for cloud communications, we want developers of every shape, size and stripe to solve problems and grab a little glory using Twilio. To kickstart the creative process, we’ve run these developer contests for over a year.

How To Get Involved

Submissions are accepted via this handy-dandy form. If you need any help or want to bounce some ideas off of other Twilio coders, join us on our forums or just drop a note to