MoonTango Keeps Investors Up to Date with SMS Notifications

MoonTango CEO and Founder Bob CrimminsShopping for your essentials every month can be a time consuming, burdensome process.  MoonTango, launched earlier this month, aims to solve this problem by offering automatic monthly deliveries of women’s essentials. The service delivers the monthly essentials you choose to your doorstep every month, giving women the ability to stop going to the store for basics. While running a closed beta test, MoonTango uncovered the need for more efficient reporting. The company leveraged Twilio SMS Notifications to provide instant access to key data for the team and inquisitive investors.

Uh oh, we don’t have any reporting tools

During MoonTango’s Beta, the team realized that they were missing some reporting tools: there was no aggregate user data and no place to reference the data they did have. To solve this problem, the company created basic reports that contained data like fulfillment orders, processed orders and site unique visitors to the website, among other things.

Because he’s always on the move, MoonTango’s CEO needed to access full reports from a mobile device. The challenge the company faced was creating an easy, simple way to request the updated reports from the server without building a web interface to do so.

Managing key data updates with SMS Notifications

Using Twilio’s SMS API, MoonTango built an app that uses SMS messages to request a full report and send it to a user’s email. Thanks to Twilio, MoonTango’s CEO has access to the full range of data anywhere, anytime on his mobile device.

Being able to request a full report was very useful on the go, but MoonTango saw an even bigger opportunity to stay up-to-date on key events. The company built a new Twilio app that automatically sends an SMS notification to the team when certain thresholds are met.

Once potential investors heard about the simple SMS notifications, they also requested access.  MoonTango created a personalized app to keep their potential investors in the loop and give them insights into the company’s growth. The app currently supports four different report calls and twelve select SMS updates for investors,

Most importantly, MoonTango has an efficient system that puts the latest company stats at the team’s finger tips and allows investors to stay current on company the company’s progress.

Since launching to the public, MoonTango has been testing new SMS functionality for customers and expanding the reporting tools with more trend-based data. When the team is ready to adjust, Twilio provides an accessible and scalable way to meet their needs.

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