uses SMS alerts to streamline sales and marketing communications

Launched in 2009, is an online directory that connects trade professionals like plumbers, gardeners and dentists to customers in need of their services. Thumbtack did research and found that text messaging (SMS) was the best way to communicate with their customer base and enable the listed professionals to respond rapidly to incoming leads. When Thumbtack built SMS alerts into its sales and marketing processes with Twilio’s dead-simple… Read More

VIDEO: Oren Jacob, entrepreneur and former Pixar CTO, talks about scaling Pixar, the crisis around Toy Story 2 and his first-hand encounters with Steve Jobs

Oren Jacob

(VIDEO INTERVIEW AT BOTTOM OF POST) For those that aren’t familiar with the history, Pixar – the world-famous animation studio we all know and love – came close to total implosion because of Toy Story 2. After more than two years of production and slightly less than a year before the film was due for launch, the then-small team of animators, artists and developers decided the… Read More

Beer, brats, polka and code: a recap of Twilio's first annual Hacktoberfest!

What do you get when you combine the best parts of Beer Fests, sausages, sexy code and German culture without requiring the transatlantic flight?  Twilio’s first-ever Hacktoberfest, a portmanteau of epic proportions! The beer, brats and polka set the stage for a night of crowd-stumping trivia and hack challenges. I buzzed around the event, rocking my Twilio swag instead of Lederhosen and finding out who could yodel… Read More

Phone-Based Two-factor Authentication Is A Better Way to Stay Secure

This week, Facebook announced that 600,000 Facebook logins are compromised every 24 hours. In another recent incident, a massive hack hit 760 companies and the IRS, allowing very private information to become public. Even old-school solutions, such as RSA’s SecureID, were hacked in the past couple of weeks. The growing raft of online security compromises is the reason that companies like Google, Facebook and Intuit are offering their users advanced security… Read More

VenueMachine Connects Small Businesses to Social Influencers

Small businesses have long been searching for effective ways to utilize social networks to better engage their customers and spread the word about their brand. VenueMachine was created at the 2011 Foursquare Global Hackathon with this in mind, providing a platform for businesses to easily identify and reach out to social influencers. I spoke to Namit and Barnaby from the VenueMachine team to find out how… Read More