Wave Accounting Wins Developer Contest With Slick Presence Add-on

Two weeks ago we welcomed the Twilio developer community to compete in a free-form contest using Twilio Presence, and you responded with typical alacrity.  Presence helps your Twilio Client by giving you an easy JavaScript hook that notifies your webapp when your users become available.  Sean Walberg from Wave Accounting used this feature in a novel integration to their accounting platform for small-to-medium sized businesses, winning our Presence developer contest.

It All Started With A Drink

The story began with Sean having a drink with Wave Accounting’s cofounders when the prospect of connecting Wave users with their accountants directly through their web service came up.  Sean immediately thought of Twilio Client as a quick solution.  The use case they sketched out involved business owners and their accountants looking at the business’ financials and facilitating a voice connection.  If an owner and his/her accountant were looking at the same screen, Sean reckoned, it would be great if they could connect immediately through the web browser and discuss the income and expenses they were looking at without picking up the phone.

Twilio Presence served as the missing piece of the puzzle.  “[When] Twilio announced the Presence feature, I thought, ‘Wow.  That would make this even easier,'” Sean said.

Check out this nifty demo:


Get Present

For this great addition soon to be rolled out to Wave Accounting, Sean Walberg picks up a brand new 11-inch Macbook Air, along with some tasty Twilio swag and much respect from the team.

As we do each fortnight, we’re still giving out some kicking hardware with this week’s contest focused on videos of killer Siri hacks.  Submit your video of using Twilio to do something awesome with Siri and you can pick up the new Kindle Fire.

This one has already been a barnburner; we’re looking for some serious creativity with Apple’s new virtual assistant for the iPhone 4S.  Contest ends this weekend – get your entries in soon.