Developer Contest Winner Buzzes In One-Time Use Access Codes For Shopify Deliveries

A few weeks ago developers stepped up to the challenge of mashing Shopify API with Twilio for top e-commerce

solutions just in time for the holidays. Developers submitted many fantastic hacks for the contest and as always it was difficult to pick the winners. Read more on the top three from the Shopify Hack Till You Drop.

First Place: Buzzy Automated Doorman

Buzzy is an automated doorman for apartment buildings. Sam Wilson created this app to allow tenants expecting packages to give people access codes to open the lobby door. One can integrate Buzzy to Shopify so that an access code is activated once a package ships. Brilliant! Watch it in action here:

Second Place: CallBack for Shopping Feedback

CallBack allows shop owners to create and automate phone surveys. Josh and Steve Conley built this app so that a shop owner can set up a survey to automatically call a customer after an order is fulfilled. Take a look at the video:

3rd Place: HelpLine for Direct Customer Service

Helpline gives customers instant click-to-call to shop owners while shopping. The coolest aspect is that the app gives the store visibility into what product the customer is calling about. Helpline can be embedded into any product on your store page.

Next Time You Take Home the Glory

Want to hack your way to glory? We put together developer contests every month so keep an eye on for the latest. This time around our winners took home an 11-inch Macbook Air  with a 27-inch Apple Cinema Display. a Kindle Fire and a LEGO Mindstorms swag bag. In fact, check out our latest hack for the holidays.