DOers in Action: Twimlbin Hosting Solution

jonathanFor most developers, their hosting solution is already in place making it easy to build and test new Twilio apps quickly,but for some that first step can be time consuming. Jonathan Kressaty, co-founder of VUURR digital consultancy and development firm, needed a solution to get simple TwiML-based apps online and into production, so he built it.

Twimlbin allows you to host TwiML, the Twilio Markup Language, without a webserver making it easy to get a new Twilio phone number setup for Voice and SMS.

How Twimlbin Works

Simply write your TwiML code in Twimlbin, paste your private link in your Twilio Request URL and your Twilio number will execute your TwiML code. You can also track your calls with Google Analytics right from within Twimlbin.

On the back end, Jonathan coded Twimlbin in PHP, built on top of Codeigniter with robust caching and DB layer built in Redis.

About this DOer

Jonathan Kressaty is a long-time Twilio developer with experience building everything from a call manager system to the group chat marketing tool Betwext. He currently is partner at VUURR which architects and executes online campaigns. Follow him on Twitter at @Kressaty, read his blog here, and keep an eye on Twimlbin as they expand on new features.

  • Rama Krishna

    But the message is not constant for us. How can the message “Twilio Rocks” be dynamic?