Doers In Action: Easy Voice Reminder with Heroku and Twilio. Kitty Approved.

We love seeing Doers in action and this API mash is a perfect example of an instant need  solved by the use of accessible APIs. Tryn Mirell needed a simple voice reminder system to make sure her kitty’s litter box was fresh and clean, so she built an app using Heroku and Twilio Voice. The content below was originally posted on Heroku and Twilio I don’t clean… Read More

Twilio Fund Winners from Twilio Conference 2011

The Twilio Fund is a micro-fund that was started by 500 Startups and SV Angel in September of 2010 to invest one quarter of a million dollars of seed capital into Twilio- powered startups.  Since the launch of Twilio Fund, ten companies received funding including FastCall411, KnockKnock, Magnolia Prime, Order Mapper, Proven, Qwipd, Textaurant, Voicendo, and Volta. At the first annual Twilio Conference this year,  nine companies… Read More

Chext lets you stay on top of your finances with a Twilio SMS gateway

Chext is a mobile app that makes personal financial awareness as easy as sending a text message. Ideal for the on-the-go generation, Chext enables users to share a bank account, keep other account holders updated, and track their spending. Chext uses Twilio as an SMS gateway, so it works on any phone that supports text messaging We love that Chext encourages financially proactive behavior, so we caught… Read More

Twilio Celebrates: Three Years of Telephony in the Hands of the People

Members of the Twilio community, including many of our long-time customers, gathered with employees to celebrate the birth of the Twilio API. It was an evening to catch up with friends and colleagues, and a celebration of how much we’ve all grown in the past three years. Three years ago on November 20th, the Twilio API launched into the world, with a Rick Roll,and the intention of… Read More

SafetyGrid: Voice and SMS broadcasting to the rescue!

With a Twilio-powered voice and SMS broadcasting app, SafetyGrid provides families with peace of mind. U.S. Army Sergeant Jim Hankins has been on a mission to use technology to improve personal safety ever since he lost a friend on September 11. The day of attack, Hankins’ friend Randy was working as a contractor at the World Trade Center. “After American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower,… Read More

Seamlessly Add Click to Call to Websites with Custard

At the Twilio Conference hackathon, we saw a ton of great hacks and apps built in one night, and many in particular stood out, especially Custard. Built by David Phillips, Christian Fernandez and Robbie Trencheny, Custard allows website owners to easily add click to call functionality to their websites without any required phone or software downloads. Since the conference, they’ve been refining Custard’s click-to-call widget and it is now… Read More