iFactor: Bringing SMS Notifications to Customers with Twilio

When your power goes out there are typically two questions you ask yourself: where are the flashlights, and when is the power coming back on? While the location of your flashlights is still a mystery, iFactor is working on solutions to keep you posted about when your power is coming back on. iFactor offers digital communication solutions to power grid companies so their customers can stay… Read More

Ringing In The Anniversary of Callin’ Oates

One year ago today Callin’ Oates, the emergency Hall and Oates hotline, launched with much fanfare. And to celebrate, the Callin’ Oates family is growing, with eight brand spankin’ new (old) Hall and Oates tracks and four additional punny hotlines to welcome into the fold. Then a newly minted Twilion and die-hard Hall & Oates fan, Michael Selvidge originally built the hotline alongside Reid Butler with… Read More

Dropping A Pin In A Haystack: MeatText Lets You Share Your Exact Location

I can’t meet up with friends in Dolores Park. It’s one of the most popular parks in San Francisco, in one of the most popular neighborhoods in San Francisco. On weekends, it’s hard to move through the crowd of hundreds of people, let alone find someone in that crowd. When I get a text from a friend saying “Where are you in the park?” I have… Read More

Kevin Whinnery Wants You To Run TIE Fighter

In 1994, LucasArts released TIE Fighter, a space combat simulation placing players in the cockpit of the iconic, wailing cannon fodder that blew up spectacularly in the original Star Wars trilogy.  I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you why that was awesome beyond comprehension.  However, the minimum system requirements for a PC that would run this game were a 33 MHz CPU, 4-8 MB of… Read More

NY Tech Weekend Recap: Rebuilding After Sandy, Carving Out The Future of Meat

Last weekend, the New York tech community coded for social good. Some helped Hurricane Sandy victims rebuild after the storm, and some helped farmers and butchers build the future of meat. NY Tech Responds and Hack Meat challenged hackers in different ways but both produced great apps worth mentioning. From SMS based volunteer management apps to web enabled scales that gather data on different cuts of… Read More

Wyld Collective Builds At The Intersection of Art and Tech with Twilio SMS

Geographers haven’t pinpointed the intersection of design and tech, but based on my interview with WyldCo, I’m beginning to suspect it’s in Montreal. Montreal based Wyld Collective is a team of designers, coders, entrepreneurs and artists all working together. This may sound like a recipe for a tech version Lord of the Flies, but in practice it is quite the opposite. Wyld Collective Co-Founder, Bruno Nadeau,… Read More

Seconds Streamlines Mobile Payment and Launches A Charity Using Twilio SMS

There are six billion active cell phone subscriptions worldwide. Nick Hughes, CEO of Seconds, wanted to develop a service that would allow all of those people on all of those phones to easily exchange money, regardless of apps or operating systems. This is the idea behind online payment system, Seconds. Seconds allows you to send money to whoever you want via web or Twilio SMS. Once you… Read More

Using Twilio and ServiceNow for IT Management by Fruition Partners

This guest post is by Patrick Stonelake, Director of Innovations at Fruition Partners, a cloud integration services provider focused on IT Service Management. Patrick is here to introduce a new product that allows for simple integration of Twilio with the cloud-based enterprise IT Service Management platform ServiceNow. Join Fruition Partners CEO Marc Talluto and Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson, along with Forrester Research Principal Analyst Eveline Oehrlich… Read More