Track Web and Phone Leads with Call Tracking Metrics and HubSpot

A Twilio-powered call tracking service links your web leads with your phone leads

This week our friends at Captico announced a new integration with HubSpot, a popular marketing automation tool for attracting and converting inbound leads. The integration syncs Captico’s Call Tracking Metrics and HubSpot so that you can view phone leads and manage call conversions right from within the Hubspot interface.

Todd Fisher, director of engineering at Captico, said the team built the integration after hearing that HubSpotters were struggling to track customers who had visited their websites and blogs but then called—rather than clicked—to place an order or make an appointment.

Courtesy of Todd Fisher

With the integration, website visitors will be shown a phone number assigned by Call Tracking Metrics. When a visitor calls the number, they will appear as a lead in HubSpot.  Information gathered by Call Tracking Metrics, such as audio files of recorded phone calls, will also be available.

Fisher said that, in most cases, Hubspot will be able to track the caller’s activity across the site. However, the accuracy of this data will depend on the volume of calls. Sites with high call volumes can work with Call Tracking Metrics to invest in additional phone numbers to increase accuracy.

To set up call tracking for HubSpot, a user needs to register for an account with Call Tracking Metrics. To activate the integration, users simply click “enable sync to HubSpot” under account settings and enter their HubSpot information.“We want to make it easy to track metrics in both the online and offline world,” Fisher said.

Founded in 2009, Captico is an Internet marketing firm based in Severna Park, Maryland that focuses on the strategic use of technology. Captico chose to build Call Tracking Metrics on Twilio because it combined the flexibility they were looking for and the cost effectiveness they needed, Fisher said.

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