Developer Contest: Drupal and Twilio Join Forces for DrupalCon

DrupalCon 2012 is coming soon, where a worldwide community will descend upon Denver to discuss publishing, theming, best practices, modules and all-things Drupal.

This only happens two times a year, so in celebration of the module-fueled event we’re paring up with the Drupal Association for this extended developer contest.

The Challenge: Twilio + Drupal = Epic Module

Create a Drupal module with Twilio integration for this 2012 DrupalCon. Submissions will be judged by some of the leading minds in the Drupal world during the main event on March 21st, with the top three modules given the opportunity to present on stage. Judges include the lead developer of VoIP Drupal Leo Burd, and Co-Founder of San Francisco based Drupal shop Chapter Three and Co-Founder of Pantheon Matt Cheney. Twilio team members will also be on site on March 19th to help you with any questions or last minute hacking.

In addition to the glory and admiration of your peers, you can win some great prizes:

    • Third place: Unique Twilio VIP swag
    • Second place: Kindle Fire and Twilio T-shirt
    • First place: Macbook Air and Twilio track jacket

Not attending DrupalCon this year? Don’t worry, you can still enter with the chance to win a sweet prize and Drupal glory. The non-attendee winner will receive a Kindle Fire.

Twilio and Drupal Inspiration

To get you rolling, here are some thoughts:

  • User interface is more than pixels – Web Accessibility, Section 508
  • Verbal/aural or visual – which is more important?
  • How do you manage Drupal when not at a computer?
  • Have you wished Drupal could reach out to your visitors?

Contest Rules

How To Get Involved

If you need any help or want to bounce some ideas off of other Twilio coders, join us on our forums or just drop a note to Submissions for the Drupal Twilio contest are accepted here.

What’s Are Developer Contests About?

Every two weeks, we encourage developers to build something awesome with a Twilio-powered contest.  As a language agnostic platform for cloud communications, we want developers of every shape, size and stripe to solve problems and grab a little glory using Twilio. To kickstart the creative process, we’ve run these developer contests for over a year.

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  • Alarmua