Lets Online Daters Call or Text Message Without Revealing Their Phone Numbers

The popular online dating service gives subscribers virtual phone numbers they can use to call and text potential dates. Online dating is a competitive market. The turnover rate is inevitably high, because actually giving customers the thing that you’re selling (a meaningful connection to another person) reduces the likelihood that your happiest customers come back. So the main challenge becomes delivering an amazing experience to the… Read More

Undergrad Doers Take Aim At SOPA and PIPA at PennApps

PennApps, the bi-annual tradition for engineering’s best and brightest students across the Eastern Seaboard, came to a close Sunday afternoon with top tier weekend hacks. Packed tight in the University of Pennsylvania Towne Building, bleary-eyed students gathered from top universities including Rutgers, Carnegie Mellon, Brown, and NYU. They were anxious to show off the results of a 48-hour effort fueled by pizza, Powerade and a passion for… Read More

Track Web and Phone Leads with Call Tracking Metrics and HubSpot

A Twilio-powered call tracking service links your web leads with your phone leads This week our friends at Captico announced a new integration with HubSpot, a popular marketing automation tool for attracting and converting inbound leads. The integration syncs Captico’s Call Tracking Metrics and HubSpot so that you can view phone leads and manage call conversions right from within the Hubspot interface. Todd Fisher, director of engineering at Captico, said… Read More

Twilio Engineering: Writing Effective Documentation

The Twilio engineering team recently shared a new blog post on the importance of detailed documentation. We run into the same issues any company does building an API and here we share some tips we follow to make sure we provide effective documentation for Twilio API. Ahoy Hoy is Twilio’s engineering blog where we gather our thoughts and lessons learned over time to share with our… Read More

Twilio Launches Voice-Enabled Phone Numbers in Five European Countries

We’re very happy to announce that Twilio Voice is now available in Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, and Poland. Thank you to the beta customers who provided valuable feedback and support. This is a huge step into supporting our European customers as we continue to expand internationally, and we have also announced the launch of domestic SMS in the UK. Starting today, Twilio customers can purchase local phone… Read More

Twilio Expands UK Capabilities with SMS Launch

Last October we opened our UK office in support of our European developers and launched Twilio Voice for the UK. Today we’re very happy to ship Twilio SMS into the hands of our UK customers, offering them Twilio-powered domestic text messaging between UK phone numbers. We continue to support the European developer community and are committed to expanding Twilio services worldwide, including today’s launch of Twilio… Read More

Coding a Solution for Youth in Technology

Can the tech industry help underprivileged and disconnected youth find summer jobs? United States Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra intends to find out. On Tuesday at a special event held at Twilio’s San Francisco headquarters, Chopra announced three tech-focused initiatives to support President Barack Obama’s Summer Jobs+ program, announced in early January. “Hiring someone for the summer is not the only thing we can do,” Chopra said during… Read More

Join Twilio at the WebVisions Hackathon and Conference

Join us for WebVisions in New York starting tomorrow for a huge list of great talks, sessions and workshops, all kicking off with a hackathon for social good. Developer Evangelist Jack Aboutboul will be representing Twilio during the hackathon and also giving a lightening presentation during the Business Innovation and Education Lab sessions, which is free to attend. Make sure to reach out to Jack if… Read More

Protesting SOPA and PIPA: Call Your Representative Now

There are two proposed pieces of legislation in motion right now in Congress that threaten our free and democratic Internet, and infringe on our basic rights. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and companion legislation Protect IP Act (PIPA) could change the way we use the Internet forever. Many companies are showing support today by blacking our their websites including Google, Mozilla, Reddit, Wikipedia, Craigslist, and… Read More