Startup Bus Europe Launches YoBro and Invoi Powered by Twilio

There’s seriously nothing more fun than going on a road trip with 26 developers, especially when it crosses the European continent on its way to Le Web. We are big fans of Startup Bus ever since our ride to SXSW and this time around was as awesome as ever. Stevie Graham, our London-based evangelist, joined this group of developers, designers and entrepreneurs on the latest Startup Bus journey.

Starting in Amsterdam the bus traveled through Copenhagen, Berlin and Zurich before stopping in Paris for Le Web. Eight teams formed to conceptualize and build their startup ideas within the 72-hour the trip. All in preparation to pitch VCs and entrepreneurs at a party held by Seedcamp at Le Web.

A stellar showing of skills and dedication resulted in five teams with working products by the end of the trip including Gertz, Locafoo, Wander, along with two powered by Twilio apps Invoi and YoBro. Read more about Invoi and YoBro below and read a great summary of all the teams here on The Next Web.

Making Voicemail Intelligent with INVOI

This three-man team includes Mike Van Hoenselaar, Seb Van Dijk and Timan Rebel who want to reinvent voicemail by making it self-reliant. INVOI uses advanced voice recognition and natural language processing to pick out specific words and phrases, then puts them into action. Forward a call, schedule an appointment or make a call back all without picking up your phone. Take a look at the initial pitch straight from bus and sign up here for beta.


YoBro provides instant voice chat for groups right on your mobile device. Stevie Graham, Irfan Nazir and Geir Bækholt built the app to let users find instant conversation for any searchable topic. Using the Twilio iOS SDK, YoBro connects multiple parties for voice chat, integrating with social platforms for topic search such as Twitter’s trending topics. The team was able to build the entire app before the end of the ride which allowed them to refine their pitch before Le Web and more importantly, take a nap. Follow YoBro on Twitter @YoBro.

More about Startup Bus

Startup Bus is kicking off its third year, putting over twenty strangers on a bus and driving cross country with the challenge of launching a startup before reaching the destination. This year, Startup Bus is expanding to 12 buses to include cities and tribes made up of schools or organizations. Submit and vote for your city at