A Twilio-Powered Valentine's Day

Today is a day to celebrate love and friendship. Share it with the ones special to you, preferably through an awesome hack. Developers are building really cool Twilio apps to kick Valentine’s Day off right, and below we picked a few of our favorites.

Secretly SMS Your Crush with UMake.me

Secret crushes are hard, but luckily there’s a way to share your feelings without revealing your true identity. With UMake.me, users are able to anonymously text someone and let them know how they feel. You can even check and see if your secret admirer read your text message and replied. Go ahead, do it, what’s a better time than Valentine’s Day?


Pick Your Date Night with Jars of Love

An entry from last year’s contest, developer Geoff Sinfield created an app to connect couples through sharing ideas that are turned into date nights. Jars of Love let’s you add thoughts and date night ideas into a virtual “jar” via SMS. Once a week the jar will randomly select a suggestion and send it to both partners.

Jars of Love

Chat with Potential Dates on Match.com

For many of us, Valentine’s Day is about finding new love, which is where Match.com comes into play. The popular online dating service integrated a line of communication powered by Twilio that lets users talk to potential dates via call or SMS, and listen to personal voicemails, without revealing their numbers. It’s a great way to kick start a new relationship without having to give out your digits to the world wide web.


Call your Lover Anonymously

Sticking with the anonymous secret admirer theme, CloudSpokes launched their very own Valentine’s Day app challenge. First place winner Kenji776’s app utilized Twilio by allowing participants to call one another without revealing their phone numbers. Check out a video of his app in motion.

Parisian Love, Twilio Style

Parisian Love, Twilio style is a video inspired by the Google search of a man in love. We created our interpretation through programming a Twilio app. Take a look, and maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own Valentine’s app today.

Hacky Valentine’s Day and if you built something cool this year, share it with us!