Developer Contest: Be a DOer in 2012 with Twilio and Trello Hack

A couple weeks ago, we rang our DOing bell loudly, inviting our developer community to write new apps that assist with the ever elusive, always reclusive nirvana called productivity.  Now nearly 1/12th into 2012 we were looking for hacks that checked items off the list, cleaned the plates, cleared the lines, swabbed the decks, and took those resolutions into this new year head on.

As ever, the DOers brought the thunder, with one crashing into 2012 louder than the rest.

SMS for Instant Trello Updates

Richard Kolkovich rocked an awesome SMS integration for everyone’s new favorite productivity tool Trello.  With a quick signup process, verify your number via Twilio to organizational tool Trello. After that, start texting your To Dos directly to Trello so you can cross them off your list even sooner. Hop on over to to get started.

More About this DOer

Richard is a Java developer at a startup, focused on scalability in a highly-collaborative app. As of late, I’ve been learning various technologies (including Twilio) and starting down the road of the micropreneur. Follow Richard on Twitter @sarumont and read his blog at

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