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Learning About The Future of Lead-Gen at LeadsCon 2012


Leads, leads and more leads. How do you get them? How do you convert them? How do you figure out where your best leads are coming from?

Twilio is at LeadsCon in Las Vegas this week so please excuse us if we’ve got lead-gen on the brain, or if we get a little too excited talking about how the communications revolution is transforming the way leads are captured and converted.

For the 2600 marketers and techies at the Mirage Resort, LeadsCon is the place to learn about the future of marketing technology, and the future, as everyone knows is mobile.

Twilio’s customer RingDNA will debut its mobile enterprise marketing and sales app, which turns any iPad or iPhone into a mobile contact center. The app makes it easy to get critical information about phone leads, including the marketing campaign that prompted them to call, regardless of whether it was online or offline and their call history. Even better, it stores all that data in Salesforce.

Other customers will also be discussing the innovative uses they’ve made of new communications technology. For example, Neighborcity will demo how it uses Twilio SMS to instantly broadcast qualified phone leads to right real estate agent. CallRail will be showing off its call tracking solution for SMBs and Steele Auto will walking attendees through how it combined everything from call tracking to click-to-call and mobile marketing—and became the top performing network of car dealerships in their region.

Check out their stories on this blog or learn more about Twilio’s Call Tracking solution. For developers, this is where you can find the “how tos” for call tracking and click-to-call.

Photo courtesy of Mike McDonough

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