Women Innovate Mobile Kicks Off its First Week with New Startup Class

Four selected startups kicked off their first official week in one of the latest New York City accelerators, Women Innovate Mobile. Founded by Veronika Sonsev, Deborah Jackson and Kelly Hoey, WIM focuses on promoting mobile technology companies started by female entrepreneurs. We are very excited to be a sponsor for this new class of WIM startups and provide mentorship to the teams during their three-month program. The… Read More

Behind the Code: HackVAN

Last weekend Vancouver, BC played host to the HackVAN hackathon.  HackVan brought together developers, designers and create people from across Canada to spend eight hours coming up with some crazy ideas and getting them prototyped.  Twilio was one of many platform companies that were supporting this event, including Microsoft, Yellow Pages, Freshbooks, PhoneGap and several others. HackVAN was organized by Boris Mann of IQMetrix and was… Read More

hackNY Raises The Bar Again For Student Hackathons

Occupying New York University once more, hackNY students again raised the bar for student hackathons this weekend.  With the fifth installment of their long running companion event to their successful fellowship program, the joint NYU / Columbia venture hosted over 375 students, a new record.   Hacker League logged 56 different projects in total built during the 24-hour event with students participating from every major engineering program… Read More

Trying To Save The World In A Weekend, Penn Students "Hack The Change"

The Philadelphia tech scene assembled late in the afternoon last Friday with a spectacular ambition – change the world in a single weekend.  Dubbing the event Hack The Change, University of Pennsylvania students from the Penn Society for International Development organized a new breed of hackathon where developers and development workers joined forces for a weekend to tackle big problems and effect real change. Equal parts NGO… Read More

Building a SXSW Party Hotline on Salesforce with Pervasive and Twilio

This guest post is by Chad Sakonchick, the Galaxy Marketing Manager for Pervasive.  He’s mildly obsessed with social activities (IRL), any kind of physical challenge, and autonomous drones.  You can keep up with his witty banter at @csakon or virtual hoarding of whosits and whatsits galore on Pinterest.  One of the advantages of having powerful tools at your disposal is the ability to execute greatness on… Read More

A Twilio-Powered Solution for Libraries: Tampa Bay Library Consortium Builds an SMS Reference Service

As part of our series on tech innovation in libraries, we’ll be focusing on Florida’s “Ask A Librarian” virtual reference desk service. The pioneering service turned to Twilio to power its SMS reference service throughout the Sunshine State. For Floridians, having a virtual reference library means that wherever they are—on a Ferris wheel in Disney World or an airboat in the Everglades—a librarian is just a… Read More

Deaftel Makes Phone Conversations a Reality for the Deaf

The simple task of talking on your phone is not something we think of as challenging, but for the deaf it’s something they struggle with every day. Traditionally, for the deaf and hard of hearing, a relay operator paired with hardware is the only option to translate speech-to-text on phone conversations. Developer Kunal Batra could not find any mobile solution for this problem so in true DOer fashion,… Read More

A Hidden Gem: Fallback URLs

When you build an application with Twilio, connecting your app to your Twilio number is simply a matter of defining a couple of webhooks to the parts of your application that will be handling voice and SMS requests. Just like that, voice and SMS are live. But sometimes you might want a backup set of instructions in case of any issues, like for example, a communication breakdown… Read More

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

Ensuring the security and integrity of the Twilio platform is critical to the service we provide our customers. We are committed to providing a secure product and appreciate help from the community in responsibly identifying ways for us improve Twilio. Last week we added a new page to twilio.com describing how to report security vulnerabilities. If you believe you’ve found a security vulnerability, please send an email to… Read More