A Week of Familiar Faces and New Friends at #twilioSXSW 2012

What a week! It was incredible hanging out with many great friends in Austin and meeting a ton of new ones. From developers building apps in just a matter of days to customers changing entire industries, it was an inspiring trip. Find all the photos from the SXSW adventures on the Twilio Facebook page. Below are highlights of the awesome Twilio-powered companies who made a splash at SXSW.

If we missed you during the week, or if you have a #twiliosxsw story you’d like to share, email community@twilio.com.

Huge thanks to our partners during SXSW including 500 StartupsApigee, Appstores, Heroku, Lean Startup, Startup Weekend, Udemy, Urban Airship, and Zaarly. See a full stream of the week’s events here on Storify. We loved hanging with many more including Code For America, SendGrid, and eating PB and J with Geekli.st at midnight. A major shout to TaskRabbit, without we could not have executed SXSW so smoothly.

Twilio-Powered Companies Rock SXSW

Spotify rocked SXSW with the Spotify House, complete with food trucks, beers and secret shows every day. By texting “Spotify” to TWILIO [894-546], users would receive SMS notifications for all the events during the day. This proved to be a great way to share a unique experience with SXSW goers using text messaging for instant updates.

Startup Bus launched its biggest trip ever taking off from 11 different cities all arriving in Austin on the first day of SXSW. Two companies kicked off their projects using Twilio and garnered quite the buzz before they even reached Austin. TxtRoo developed by Jesse Clayburgh, Jesus Salas and Song Zheng aim to provide a solution for communities and local businesses to communicate through technology. The other team of buspreneurs Adam Bothwell, Corey Downing, Matthew Dooley and Cole Worley built a communication solution for Home Owner’s Association Boards and residents called Neighboardly. Read more about both here.

Geoffrey Simpson

SXSW developer contest winner Geoffrey Simpson launched SkaFlash with his partner Casey McPherson, a SMS-powered solution to capture fans email addresses at live shows. Geoffrey is a long-time Twilio developer and it was great to have him represent Twilio VIP style at all of our events.

Flash Valet, an Austin-based startup, was ready for an influx of crowds with its Twilio-powered SMS app that allows restaurant patrons to text when they are ready for their valeted car. Read more about Flash Valet here.

TaskRabbit launched its new Austin community with a week-long park celebration that included BBQ, juice bars and a non-stop team of TaskRabbits for SXSW tasks. The Twilio team uses TaskRabbit for a variety of tasks around the office, especially leading up to events like SXSW. We even hired a few TaskRabbits during our time in Austin. TaskRabbit notifications are powered by Twilio so users can quickly collaborate on the go.

Zaarly celebrated its one-year anniversary with a huge jump in traffic during SXSW. Zaarly teamed up with Startup Weekend and Twilio for the SXSW kickoff party at Kingdom, open for all friends and developers, but with over 12,000 RSVPs, capacity was very limited. Utilizing the power of Zaarly and VIP requests for good, Zaarly auctioned off VIP tickets to the event with all proceeds going local charity Explore Austin. Read about the best and most expensive requests found on Zaarly during SXSW here. Zaarly’s in-app phone calls and SMS are powered by Twilio.

To test a new Salesforce and Twilio integration with high volume, Pervasive Galaxy launched a SXSW Party Line where attendees could dial in to hear about the latest parties happening that day (917 – 746 – SXSW). The app then pulled that data into Salesforce as leads. Watch a video of how it works here.

The band Bears of Manitou geared up for SXSW Music with a new mobile app to help promote their new album and upcoming shows. The group took a note from Callin’ Oates with a Dial-in hotline to hear the latest songs, and integrated that into the mobile app, powered by Twilio.

Keep the Good Times Rolling

The best part about Austin is getting together with people from across the world to talk tech, social, startups, music and more. Teaming up with other great API and startup partners, we had the opportunity to host an incredible diverse group of SXSW-goers.

It was raining (ok, pouring) but a determined crew fought the rain and made it to the Privateer Boat Party with Appstores, Twilio and Udemy. An amazing gathering of 500 Startups companies and SXSW goers to begin the weekend with BBQ, spiked sweet tea and I’m on a boatSee all the photos here on Facebook.

We joined Startup Weekend and Zaarly to host an event where the community could get together for what’s most important: a major impromptu dance party included. But the party wasn’t just for fun, it was also a way for party goes to contribute to a good cause as Zaarly auctioned off VIP access tickets with all proceeds going to a local Austin charity. See all the photos here on Facebook.

The annual Get.Down party brought together an impressive bunch of developer-focused companies as we hosted with Apigee, Heroku, and Urban Airship at The Pure Volume House. Featuring the Bright Light Social Hour and DJ duo RAC, we got to rock out and then dance hard with the API-fans in our community. We even had an unexpected guest – a bat! See all the photos here on Facebook.