Hacker Olympics, the Un-Hackathon: Guest Post by Aidan Feldman

Aidan Feldman is a developer, evangelist and general ne’er-do-well at Jux.  When he isn’t up all night coding with his cats, he’s leading a double life as a modern dancer.  Check out his blog, Github and tweeters. Find more info about the Hacker Olympics here, and follow @hackerolympics on Twitter. So I’m a hackathon junkie.  There seems to be a new event every weekend in NYC, and… Read More

Rock #sxsw with Spotify by Texting to TWILIO (894-546)

Some of us remember when SXSW was less about the Internet, and more about the music – Spotify is the perfect marriage of both. Connect with the Spotify app to get updates on all the latest SXSW action from Spotify including custom playlists, giveaways, secret concerts and more. The event kicked off today with a performance from M. Ward and Delta Spirit at the Spotify House,… Read More

Developer Contest: Get Business Done with Salesforce and Twilio

 CRM may seem like all business to some, but the enterprise is getting social and business in the front can be a party in the back too. Twilio is teaming up with salesforce.com for a contest all about CRM, just in time for the upcoming Cloudstock conference in San Francisco. This contest is open to all developers and if you are headed to Cloudstock, join us for the event and the… Read More

Technical Talks and Mini Hacks with Twilio at Cloudstock

Twilio is excited to announce that we are sponsoring Cloudstock, a free, one-day cloud developer event on March 15 in San Francisco. At Cloudstock you will have the chance to rub elbows with various developers who are changing the world in which we live while you enjoy the engaging technical sessions. If you haven’t already, register for this event. Breakout Sessions Twilio will be hosting a… Read More

SkaFlash Connects Fans with Bands Through Twilio SMS #twiliosxsw #sxsw

Freshly launched at SXSW, SkaFlash is changing the way bands connect with their fans on the fly with Twilio SMS. Created and coded by Geoffrey Simpson and the frontman for Austin rockers Alpha Rev Casey McPherson, the band management app is gearing up to take SXSW Music by storm. This team is fresh off a victory from our SXSW DOer developer contest and jumping in to hustle for SkaFlash… Read More

Twilio-Powered TxtRoo and Neighboardly Launch on Startup Bus #sxsw #twiliosxsw

 The SXSW Startup Bus journey took off from 11 cities on a road trip to Austin where teams were challenged to build products in just a matter of days. Sleepless nights, endless hacking and major hustling resulted in an incredible showing of new apps and companies. Today the buses pull into Austin to prepare to pitch to a panel of awesome guests. Watch all the upcoming… Read More

CraftJack Delivers Instant Leads to Home-Improvement Contractors

CraftJack, an online service that connects home owners with home-improvement contractors, needed a way to deliver instant leads to its advertisers. The company switched from Ifbyphone to Twilio and reduced its lead distribution costs by 75 percent. Ross Gordon, the founder of CraftJack, describes the Chicago-based service as a cross between Angie’s List and Salesforce. “We help homeowners find local home improvement contractors, and we help… Read More

Expand Your Networking Horizons Through SMS with Cnvrge

 Last week I took the long trek uptown to attend the monthly Columbia Venture Community meetup. The CVC is a private meetup for those affiliated with Columbia University, but I managed to score an invite through unusual means. Honorary Twilion Jeff Novich was using the February CVC Meetup to demo and test Cnvrge, a Twilio-Powered SMS networking game that he kicked off back in May at the TechCrunch… Read More