SurveyGizmo Launches SMS Surveys with Twilio Connect

Christian Vanek, Co-Founder & CEO

Our friends at SurveyGizmo recently announced a cool new product for real-time mobile surveys delivered via Twilio SMS. We can think of lots of ways this will be useful—for event organizers who need to get quick feedback, for facilitators at public forums and for producers of interactive entertainment. For example, this could come in handy at SXSW.

Beyond on-the-spot polling, SMS surveys can be a low-friction way to stay in touch with customers and fans. The typical cell phone user in the United States interacts more often through SMS than traditional voice calls. According to SinglePoint research, 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery. This makes SMS surveys a sweet spot for marketers who know how to deliver value.

SurveyGizmo chose to manage SMS billing through Twilio Connect because it kept their pricing simple and helped them release faster. “Plugging the Twilio API into our app with Twilio Connect meant not having to wade through how to bill our customers for usage,” said Christian Vanek, Co-Founder and CEO. Instead, SurveyGizmo customers create a Twilio account and manage their SMS usage and billing on the Twilio side. They also keep control their own SMS data to share with a wide range of business apps like analytics and CRM.

“We would not have been able to bring this to market if the API weren’t so easy to use,” Vanek said.

To get set up, you’ll need an account with SurveyGizmo and Twilio. The cost is $50 per month for a single user account at SurveyGizmo, plus 1 cent per SMS, paid to Twilio.