Twilio-Powered TxtRoo and Neighboardly Launch on Startup Bus #sxsw #twiliosxsw

 The SXSW Startup Bus journey took off from 11 cities on a road trip to Austin where teams were challenged to build products in just a matter of days. Sleepless nights, endless hacking and major hustling resulted in an incredible showing of new apps and companies. Today the buses pull into Austin to prepare to pitch to a panel of awesome guests. Watch all the upcoming events streaming here.

Two teams reached out to us to share their story and talk about their new “buspreneur” companies. Keep an eye on these teams who are launching the next big thing and follow #twiliosxsw as we highlight the awesome things developers are building during SXSW.

TxtRoo Connects Consumers with Local Businesses

Kicking off from Stanford after organizing the buses first, Jesse Clayburgh, Jesus Salas and Song Zheng aim to provide a solution for communities and local businesses to communicate through technology. The shared interest in community plus a general love for Kangeroos inspired the aptly named TxtRoo. This app gives feature-phone users the ability to connect and interact with local businesses via SMS powered by Twilio. Customers can text a business’s number to receive the latest customer reviews along with any specials the business might be promoting that day. Follow them on Twitter @txtroo.

What is the team most looking forward to at SXSW? Jesse Clayburgh told us, “The StartUpBus competition is the biggest thing on our minds right now. Also, meeting more buspreneurs is always exciting! I will be delighted to have a steady internet connection, too.”

Watch an interview with the team here:

Neighboardly Gives Home Owner Associations a Better Tool

Representing Cincinnati on the Startup Bus Columbus, buspreneurs Adam Bothwell, Corey Downing and Matthew Dooley and Cole Worley are building a communication solution for Home Owner’s Association Boards and residents. Neighboardly solves the problem of messy bulletin  boards by giving HOA managers a tool to organize board initiatives, announcements, complaints, requests, events and more for all association members to access, along with SMS notifications powered by Twilio. Follow the team on Twitter @Neighboardly.

Watch a video from the en route #CincyStartupBus

We can’t wait to see what’s next  for these teams and the rest of the buspreneurs during SXSW.