Women Innovate Mobile Kicks Off its First Week with New Startup Class

Four selected startups kicked off their first official week in one of the latest New York City accelerators, Women Innovate Mobile. Founded by Veronika Sonsev, Deborah Jackson and Kelly Hoey, WIM focuses on promoting mobile technology companies started by female entrepreneurs. We are very excited to be a sponsor for this new class of WIM startups and provide mentorship to the teams during their three-month program.

The startups are in great company with a host of great mentors, including Twilio’s Lead Developer Evangelist Rob Spectre, and will receive amazing amenities including free office space, $18,000 seed funding and a long list of benefits from sponsors of the program. Take a look at this intricate WIM Network Map of founders, mentors and companies.

WIM is about inspiring a new class of female-lead startups, so without further ado let’s take a look at the four startups chosen for this current class.

Meet The New WIM Class

Twain founders Roshan Hall and Miao Yun Kuang developed an app that delivers “learn to read” interactive storybook apps designed to help parents teach reading skills to their children.

Whadayathink, founded by Emily Dimytosh and Harry Brundage, delivers multi-location retailers and hospitality real-time guest feedback so businesses can improve their guest experiences.

Loudly, founded by Sophia Chou and Foy Savas, allows customers to control how people call and text them without needing to block their numbers.

Appguppy, founded by Ashwini Nadkarni, Raj Dandage and Anagha Nadkarni, is a site that lets users create and distribute a cross-platform mobile app in five minutes with only five simple steps.

Learn More About Women Innovate Mobile

After three months of the program, teams will begin to prep for the Demo Day in June. For more information on how to apply, visit http://womeninnovatemobile.com/ for updates.

Twilio’s Startup Program

Twilio is built for developers, entrepreneurs and Doers, and we believe in supporting innovation everywhere. Women Innovate Mobile is one of many accelerator programs we support and if you’re interested in working together please reach out.

If you are building a Twilio-powered business, Twilio Fund is open now for applications. Developers have the opportunity to let their Twilio-powered concepts shine with the added benefit of Twilio’s focused support. We aim to empower you with the best tools to build exactly what you need, and this is our way of making sure your great ideas have the chance to grow. If you have any questions about these programs email murphy@twilio.com.