Developer Contest: April Showers Bring May Hacks with Wunderground and Twilio

Spring has sprung but for many of us, especially in San Francisco, this means rain. Crazy weather and lots of rain. Luckily there are all sorts of new tools and fun hacks to keep tabs on the weather and make predictions through patterns. Our friends at Weather Underground have a super API with an incredible range of global weather data. This developer contest is for those who love data and hacking the weather.

The title of weather-master is included for the winner of this contest, but we’re also throwing in a super rad Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station Underground Package for the first place entry. We’re also throwing in two second-place prizes: a Kindle totally stocked with a handful of the top books on programming, weather hacking and technology. That’s three chances to win, so let’s get started.

The Challenge: Build a Weather Hack with Wunderground & Twilio

Build any weather-inspired app that uses both the Wunderground and Twilio APIs. With the upcoming hurricane season, what kind of severe weather warnings could you build with voice and SMS? How could you integrate weather and travel with apps like Tripit? Weather can be predicted but also random, so what random number generation types of apps could you build? So much data to hack around with, and we can’t wait.

To get started with the Weather Underground API:

You have two weeks to build something that takes the best of Weather Underground’s data and Twilio voice or SMS capabilities. Make sure to submit your app by Sunday, April 15th right here on this form.

Contest Rules

Image via artist Derek Ring@abnormalbrain

What’s This Developer Contest About?

Every month, we encourage developers to build something awesome with a Twilio-powered contest.  As a language agnostic platform for cloud communications, we want developers of every shape, size and stripe to solve problems and grab a little glory using Twilio. To kickstart the creative process, we run these developer contests every month.

How To Get Involved

Submissions are accepted via this handy-dandy form. If you need any help or want to bounce some ideas off of other Twilio coders, join us on our forums or just drop a note to